How to successfully grow Blueberries

Step one... Water

You will need to set up a watering system that can water the Blueberries regularly.  They need on average about a quarter inch of water per day.

Step two... Build up your planting base

This step can be interpreted a few different ways.  There are many farms that use blue barrels to put media into then plant blueberry bushes in.  There are more farmers that build the base directly onto the ground.  Your base will be made up of a blueberry blend of pink bark mulch.  This is also known as pine bark fines.  The blueberries like growing in the acidity that the pine bark provides.  If you are setting up your base directly on the ground then you want to build up your base to about 8-10 inches.

Step three... Select your plants

This is an important and often over looked step.  Blueberries do better when they cross pollenate.  This is why we suggest that you use up to a couple different varieties.  Some that we have put together are Jewel, Emerald and Prima-donna.  This will help give you better, sweeter, and bigger berries!

Step four... Fertilize

You will want to select blend of fertilizer that will promote healthy plants.  The easiest way to do this on a small scale is to use a granular blend that is time released.