Produce Club / Stand FAQ’s

Is your produce free of chemicals?

The pest prevention we use is very safe. We primarily use a Neem Oil spray with dawn dish soap to control the bugs. Neem Oil is a spray that is approved for organic use.

Is your produce organic?

No, we grow hydroponically and in order to grow hydroponically you must inject fertilizer into the water to feed the plants on the farm. We also have no interest in pursuing the process to be certified organic.

How does the process work?

Here is the whole Produce Club process works. Orders will be delivered on Wednesday. Our team starts early in the morning, by harvesting the produce while it is optimum freshness, package it immediately and then begin delivering the produce.
The produce will be left in a reusable cooler with freezer packets on your front door to assure it stays cool and fresh. As a produce club member you will have 2 coolers. Each week a member of our team will pick up your cooler from the previous week and drop off a new cooler full of fresh produce. We will then clean out the cooler we picked up from your home to reuse the following week.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, the current membership fee is $40. This fee goes to the processing to get you set up as a member of our club. You will also have two coolers with ice packets to keep your produce cool designated for your use. You will also get a “Backyard Food Solutions, Got Food?” T-Shirt.

Can I cancel?

You may cancel at anytime. If you are not satisfied with our service I will remove you as a produce club member immediately.

Is there a minimum order for produce delivery?

Yes, $25. If you do not purchase the minimum order amount we suggest that you still give us a heads up on your order so we can have it packed and ready to go in a produce bag for you!

Hydroponic System FAQ’s

Can I purchase one hydroponic vertical stacker from you?

I would advise you not to do so, and here is why. With one stack you will not be spending the money to purchase a timer and pumps, so the system will not be automated. When the system is not automated then you will be responsible for watering the system three times a day. This is not practical and there will come a point in time when you neglect the system. At this point the plants either die or their growth will be stunted. You will not enjoy the system and be turned away from hydroponics.

Following up on the “can I buy one” question... Then what would you suggest we go with then?

Here is what I tell everyone. I suggest purchasing a 10 stack system. With 10 stacks you can grow a good amount of fresh food for a family of four, or two big time veggie lovers! The amount of food you will be able to grow will be enough to justify the investment for the system. The system will come fully automated, with a nutrient tank that can water and fertilize the system for nearly a month between fill ups!

Whats the minimum sized hydroponic system you would suggest?

Absolute minimum I tell everyone is four stacks. This is a great intro into hydroponic growing. The system is automated and uses a 44 gallon nutrient tank to feed and water the plants. The 44 gallon tank will last approximately 10 days between fill-ups. We also sell expansion units to expand the four stack system when you are ready to expand your system.

I live in a HOA, are these hydroponic systems allowed?

We have installed these systems into many backyard landscapes for customers who live within a HOA community, and have had zero problems or complaints. Prior to install we will check with your HOA to make sure the system is allowed to be installed. These systems look great! Only problem that might arise is neighbor envy!

Backyard Chicken FAQ’s

I live in a HOA, are backyard chickens allowed?

My follow up question... "Do you have a privacy fence?"