Food Production Systems


Hydroponics is a great and easy way to grow food.  The systems we utilize are Vertigro systems.  These are vertical towers which can grow 24 plants per tower.  These are great for growing strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, herbs, swiss chard, tomatoes, etc... The list literally goes on forever!  Pretty much everything will grow in these systems.  Below are some pictures of a farm we operate in Dover, FL.

Strawberry plants in the bloom stage.

Strawberry plants in the bloom stage.




Lettuce about a week after transplanting.  Broccoli ready to be harvested!

Lettuce about a week after transplanting. Broccoli ready to be harvested!



Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics.  This is a food production system we are most excited about at BYFS.  We have experimented with a small scale system for the last two years.  Now that we have the basics mastered we are ready to take our experience to the next level and construct a commercial style aquaponics system.  We will be basing our design off of the University of Virgin Islands aquaponics system.  This build will be documented from start to finish with every detail available to you to see!

This pdf photo is from

This pdf photo is from

Traditional (In the dirt)

Do you like getting your hands dirty by playing in the dirt?  Don't worry you are not alone.  There are many just like you.  We will have plans and information available on this subject in a short period of time.

Backyard Chickens

YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THEM! In addition to endless entertainment for children, you will have fresh eggs every day!  Each hen you raise will lay on average one egg a day.  Chickens require little feed and are very easy to maintain.

We typically install coops in peoples yards that are in rural areas.  However, despite what you might think, there are people living in neighborhoods all across the country who keep chickens in their backyards!  In the coming days we will have plans available to you that you can download so you can build a custom chicken coop!

Blueberry Production

Do you like blueberries?  Me too...  We have plans that you can download so you can get started growing your very own blueberries.  Replicate the practices of those blueberry farms who know what they are doing so you can maximize your production.